Balance between environmental protection and economic development necessary

foto: MINA

Podgorica, (MINA) – The process of setting harmony between environmental protection, natural resources and economic development, is the biggest challenge, but also a requirement that is necessary to be met in order to achieve sustainable development, it was stated at the conference of several non-governmental organizations which took place in Podgorica on Thursday.

NGO Green Home, CZIP, Ozon and MANS have organized the conference on the occasion of presenting the assessments by the international institutions on the sttaus of environment in Montenegro.

Their representatives emphasized lack of responsibility for continuous ignoring of international community recommendations regarding protection of the River Tara, Skadar Lake, Ulcinj Saline and unsustainable policy regarding construction of small hydros.

Ksenija Medenica of CZIP said that respect of the principle of environmental protection succumbs to wishes of investors, that being the reason why the reports by the international institutions are calling for taking actions on repairing damages and ending devastation.

According to her, UNESCO’s report recognized three main problems, the first one being concern for growing number of tourists and future developmental projects.

The second problem is concern for undefined borders of protected areas, and the third one is the Tara river problem, where it is necessary to complete environmental impact assessment, as well as the activity plan.

“We should not forget that in a sea of recommendations coming from the international addresses there are still those regarding protection of the Ulcinj Saline, and the problems of construction at Skadar lake, as well as small hydros”, Medenica concluded.

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