Collection rate up by ten percent

foto: Poreska uprava

Podgorica, (MINA-BUSINESS) – The tax revenues collected since the beginning of the year by the Tax Administration amounted to €536,490, up ten percent year on year.

The tax authority says in a press release that the revenues exceeded the plan for the first six months of this year by seven percent.

The gross revenues collected in June amounted to €92,640, and were €4 million higher than in the same period last year, exceeding the plan by €5 million.

“In the first half of the year, the key categories of revenues exceeded the plan and were higher than in the same period of 2018,” the press release says.

The gross VAT revenues amounted to €118.43 million in the first six months, up 13 percent year on year and ten percent more than planned for this period.

“The revenues coming from the corporate profit tax amounted to €56.08 million, ten percent more than in the same period last year. The revenues based on the mandatory insurance contributions amounted to €242.06 million, up 6.5 percent year on year and six percent more than planned,” the tax authority says.

The personal income tax collected in this period amounted to €79.62 million, up eleven percent and 17 percent more than planned.

“Compared with last year, the revenues from concession fees increased by 11 percent to €19.58 million, while the ones coming from the real estate sales exceeded the plan by over €1 million, amounting to €9.89 million, over €1 million more than in the same period last year. Longer version of article is available on a link MINA ENGLISH SERVIS