eParticipation service to provide more intensive communication  


Podgorica, (MINA) – The citizens of Montenegro do not participate sufficiently in social and political processes, and the e-Participation service will enable them more active participation in creation of laws and strategic documents and presenting their opinions through comments in public discussions, it was heard in the conference “e-Democracy- citizens, creators of public policies”, organized by the Ministry of Public Administration.

Minister Suzana Pribilovic opened on Monday the Open Government Partnership Week which is being organized in Montenegro for the first time.

According to her, the government recently showed that decisions should be reconsidered if there is dissatisfaction of the citizens.

Pribilovic said that it is in particular important to create normative and institutional framework for good government in which the citizens will be in the first place.

“In which citizens are active participants in creating public policies, in which transparency is not exclusivity and will of individuals, but main principle of the work of public administration”, said she.

Pribilovic said that in the following period is important to educate, inform and motivate citizens to communicate with the administration about public policies which influence their everyday life.

She added that equally important is to educate, inform and motivate public administration employees to make their work more transparent towards the citizens and the interested public.

“I recognize very important role of NGO sector and through public call that we will publish soon, regarding promotion of improved ePArticiaption service towards various target groups”, said Pribilovic.

Marija Jankovic from the Ministry of Public Administration said that the goal of the ePArticipation service is intensifying quality of communication between the administrative organs, citizens and the interested public during creation of the public policy acts, in a simplified and practical manner.


The Ministry’s representative Milica Vucinic, presenting the ePArticiaption service, said that the citizens do not participate sufficiently in political and social processes, adding that this system provides for proactive participation of the citizens in those processes as well as in decision making processes.

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