Favourable conditions for establishment of a free zone

foto: MINA

Cetinje, (MINA-BUSINESS) – Mayor of the Old Royal Capital Aleksandar Kascelan and Executive Director of the Free Zone Pirot Dragan Kostic have agreed that Cetinje offers favourable conditions for the establishment of a free zone within former Obod factory.

The Mayor’s Office says in a press release that the meeting was attended by representatives of the Chamber of Commerce (PKCG), the Ministry of Economy, and the City Council of Cetinje, who concluded that it was necessary to attract potential investors, both local and foreign, and that it was of great importance to establish cooperation with other free zones.

They agreed that good business environment for the investors should be provided, as well as the incentives at both local and national level.


As a separate segment, it is necessary to develop and provide administrative, technical and logistical services to the investors, which could generate substantial revenues.

It was concluded at the meeting that establishment of successful free zones is a long-term activity, which requires careful business planning, lobbying and promotion, as well as the legislative and other harmonization.
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