Judgment in attempted terrorism case did not strain political situation, saysParliament Speaker


Podgorica, (MINA) – Parliament Speaker Ivan Brajovic has said that he does not expect
increased tensions in the Parliament following the delivery of the ruling in the case of
attempted terrorism on the 2016 election day.

Brajovic recalled that the Parliament’s session started last week, which was broadcast live
and the public could see an occasionally heated, but usual parliamentary debate.

“By the end of the spring session we have several important topics and it remains to be
seen who will use that time to address those issues and who will use it for pure political self-
promotion,” the Parliament Speaker told Mina.

He remarked that the political situation is not strained as a result of the court ruling in the
case of attempted terrorism on the 2016 election day, adding that the defendants clearly
did not receive the support that they expected from the quarters outside the country.

Asked to comment on the ongoing protests and their future, Brajovic replied that ‘the best
answer is the one given by the decreasing number of citizens attending the protests’.

Commenting on the question of securing two-thirds majority support in the Parliament for
the appointment of top judicial officials, Brajovic said that this procedure requires a high
level of parliamentary consent.

“But why this model is being used for unprincipled blocking of appointments or amendment
of key laws is a question for those who are doing that,” the Speaker explained.

He voiced hope that in the future there will be ‘a growing awareness of the need for the
government and the opposition to work together on strategic issues’.

Brajovic said that he was optimistic about it.

“We are a young democracy, only 13 years have passed since the restoration of our
independence and the establishment of our institutions. I believe that these are the stages
through which all developed democracies had to pass and we will pass through them as well. It would be good for all of us to work together and help strengthen our institutions,”
the Parliament Speaker concluded.