Montenegro is proud of its troops in Afghanistan, Defense Minister says

foto: ministarstvo odbrane

Podgorica, (MINA) – Montenegrin soldiers in Afghanistan are the pride of not only the Montenegrin military, but of the whole country, Minister of Defense Predrag Boskovic has stated.

Boskovic and Chief of General Staff Dragutin Dakic spoke on Thursday through a video link with members of the Ninth Contingent of Montenegrin troops serving in the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan.

“We all work together to improve the quality of the entire military and the capability of its every member. Rest assured that everything that we are doing here we are also doing for those of you who are serving in missions abroad, far away from your homes and your country“, the Minister said.

He stressed that the Defense Ministry and the Montenegrin Armed Forces will continue to make every effort to make sure that Montenegro contributes, within its means, to the global efforts to maintain international peace and stability.

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