MPs urged to be real support to LGBT persons

Foto: MINA

Podgorica, (MINA) – The law on same-sex life partnership is important for LGBT community, but also for Montenegro on its path towards Euro-Atlantic integration, said director of LGBT Forum Progres Bojana Jokic and called on the MPs not to offer only declarative support.

“We hope that the law will be passed, however we are not sure currently that it has majority”, Jokic told Mina.

She said that the law on same-sex life partnership is necessary since essentially it envisages fundamental rights of LGBT persons that are not recognized by any other law currently.

“The law is very important for LGBT community, and thus for Montenegro, since it would be a huge step forward towards Euro-Atlantic integration and confirmation that Montenegro advocates for human rights and equality of all its citizens”, Jokic stated.

She called on the MPs and politicians to offer not only declarative support to LGBT persons, but real support.

“All the parties which proclaim to be civic, all civic-oriented politicians and all those who want Montenegro to be a part of the Euro-Atlantic integration should support LGBT community and contribute to unity, equality and equal chances for all people in Montenegro”, Jokic said.

She stressed that there are same-sex partnerships in Montenegro, but that they are not recognized by any law, and that people who live in those partnerships have no rights belong to heterosexual couples.

Jokic said that they are satisfied with the law, since it met the initial requirements of the LGBT community, adding that there is space for work and its improvement.

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