Problem of informal economy needs to be addressed

foto: MINA

Podgorica, (MINA-BUSINESS) – Prime Minister Dusko Markovic has said that the informal economy and black market are unethical, undignified and punishable by law, adding that the authorities must address that issue together with the business sector.

At an annual meeting hosted by the Chamber of Commerce (PKCG), he said that the informal economy was a serious challenge and key problem in Montenegro’s economy.

“The informal economy is detrimental not only to the employment and sustainability of the companies, but also to the civil awareness. As a country, we need to show that the black market and informal economy are unethical, undignified, and punishable by law,” said Markovic.

According to him, it is not logical to have 9,000 companies with one employee in the country, adding that it is a fraud aimed at stealing the public funds.

“How is it possible for anybody in Montenegro or anywhere in the world to make profit with only one employee? Is it possible for a cafe or a restaurant to work with a single employee? It simply makes no sense,” said Markovic.

He said that the Government must respond to that challenge, adding that it needed a support of the business sector, as all these issues could not be addressed simply by amending the law, but also by changing the general attitude towards that problem.

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