Radunovic: Government needs a sustainable solution for MA

foto: MINA

Podgorica, (MINA-BUSINESS) – According to Minister of Finance Darko Radunovic, the Government needs to find a sustainable solution for Montenegro Airlines (MA), while Rasko Konjevic, MP of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), argues that the MA’s debt is growing while the Government is preparing a plan for this company.

At a meeting of the parliamentary Economy, Finance and Budget Committee, Radunovic said that the national carrier should be kept afloat, which required an adequate model.

He said that the Government would have to continue dealing with the problem of MA’s sustainability.

The Committee discussed a bill on annual accounts of the last year’s budget with an audit report prepared by the State Audit Institution (DRI).

All Board members, apart from Konjevic, voted in favour of the Bill.

Konjevic said that the Government had no plan for Montenegro Airlines.

“The Government’s plan boils down to the fact that MA is important,” said Konjevic, adding that the company’s tax debt had increased from €13 million to €19 million in the meantime.

He underlined that the company’s debt to the Airports of Montenegro amounted to €25 million.

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