Stronger EU not possible if Western Balkans remains on periphery

foto: Skupština

Podgorica, (MINA) – Strengthening of the European Union is not possible if the Western Balkans remains on its periphery, Parliament Speaker Ivan Brajovic has stated, adding that only stable Western Balkans within the EU can be a prosperous region.

The Parliament Speaker said this on Monday while addressing the Conference of Parliamentary Committees for European Integration of the countries included in the Stabilization and Association Process for South East Europe, taking place in the Montenegrin Parliament.

Brajovic noted that the conference represents an opportunity for sending a clear message that the countries of the Western Balkans, regardless of their pace of EU accession, are ready to help each other in that process.

He said that there are different views in Montenegro as to whether all the expectations have been met and whether the country is moving towards its goals fast enough.

“But everyone in Montenegro should be satisfied and proud with what has been achieved,” Brajovic said.

He said that, thanks to its reform efforts Montenegro has already become a member of NATO and has every reason to expect to be the country to join the EU.

Head of the EU Delegation in Montenegro Aivo Orav remarked that, in order to retain its deserved status, Montenegro needs to give priority to the rule of law, judiciary and fundamental rights.

“It is correct that the negotiations are moving forward and that reforms are in progress, but in order to keep the momentum it is critical for the citizens to feel the concrete benefits of this reform process,” Orav stated.

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